Other Physiotherapy Treatment Areas

The management of persistent pain is a specialised area that’s best approached in a multi-disciplinary manner. Our persistent pain physio Tiffany Williams uses methods based on education, teaching self management tools, goal setting and engaging in positive and graded exercise and activity.

Treatments are generally 60 minutes long, and can be delivered by telehealth if your location or pain means you’re not able to come into the clinic. We also provide psychology support around pain management can be on site or via telehealth.

Education, prevention, and early detection are key in managing lymphoedema post-surgery

Tiffany Williams is our physiotherapist qualified in the treatment for lymphoedema.  This  includes manual lymphatic drainage along with the prescription and application of compression garments.

Following breast cancer procedures, cording and scarring can occur. To assist with this, our physios use both manual therapy techniques and the prescription of exercises.

Vocal physiotherapy is for those of us that use our voice extensively such as teachers, coaches, performers or radio/tv hosts. Vocal physiotherapy is personalised to your voice, demands and goals.

Bronwyn Claassen is our vocal physiotherapist. Vocal physiotherapy includes the treatment of the larynx and the surrounding regions. Your consult and treatment may include assessment of your posture, cervical spine, jaw, breathing patterns and scapular kinematics.