General Physiotherapy Services

Patients of Performance Rehab & Physio enjoy the benefit of highly experienced and qualified staff with specific areas of expertise – be that spinal, shoulders and upper limbs, lower limbs, jaws and headaches.

Depending upon your circumstances, payment of some or all of our physiotherapy services can be covered by Private Health Insurance, Medicare Plans, Work Cover, DVA, NDIS or motor vehicle insurance.

Our clients most common ailments are neck and low back pain. These are best managed not just with manual therapy, but with patient education, and advice on appropriate exercise that will complement the healing process.

“Post op” physio, whether it’s on knees, hips or shoulders, is actually best started prior to surgery. It’s ideal to get exercises started beforehand, so that you have a good understanding of what to expect after surgery and how to manage in that early phase when pain and discomfort might be most acute.

Rehab physiotherapy works at reducing pain and swelling as well as regaining a functional range of movement and strength so that you can return as quickly as safely as possible to work,  sport, or everyday leisure activities

What physiotherapy do I need?

Not every body is the same.

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How are you really?

We provide access to after hours online psychology services.

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