We provide telehealth services

Telehealth Available

We provide psychology services for all ages, from young children and their parents, to elderly clients who are struggling with pain and immobility. What sets us apart is our access to provide psychology services after hours for patients. We give you access to online therapy in the comfort of your own home. Performance Physio & Rehab understands those with busy lifestyles who want to put their mental health first.

The management of persistent pain is a specialised area that’s best approached in a multi-disciplinary manner. Our persistent pain physio Tiffany Williams uses methods based on education, teaching self management tools, goal setting and engaging in positive and graded exercise and activity.

Treatments are generally 60 minutes long, and can be delivered by telehealth if your location or pain means you’re not able to come into the clinic. We also provide psychology support around pain management can be on site or via telehealth.

Our physiotherapists provide programming and exercise advice via telehealth, whether your issues are pain related, weight management or in need of exercise advice, routine management. Your program will be specific to your goals, exercise training history, injury history and pain levels.