PP&R will continue to provide a high level of patient care and will NOT refuse treatment based on vaccination status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign in when attending an appointment?

All staff, clients and their carers are required to sign in using the Covid – QR code reader when they attend the premises for work, consultation, or care. This will assist in contact tracing in the event of an incident of concern.

Are all your staff vaccinated against Covid 19?

Yes – By 15 December 2021, in accordance with the Chief Health Officer Directive, we have ensured all workers in healthcare have complied with the relevant direction related to COVID-19 vaccinations

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend treatment?

No. No-one will be denied access to care or treatment based on their vaccination status.

Will I be asked to disclose my vaccine status?

Yes. This allows us to provide the most appropriate care and the safest environment for you, our staff, and vulnerable clients who attend our facilities.

Will I be required to provide evidence of my vaccination?

Yes. Either a digital certificate linked to the QR Check-In code or a copy of your vaccination certificate will be accepted. Please have this ready at the start of your consultation.

 What will you do with this information?

It will be confidentially recorded in your medical notes. If you are vaccinated, you will not be asked again unless we receive updated advice under a health direction.

What if I am not vaccinated or choose not to disclose my vaccine status?

Additional infection control measures such as mask-wearing for both you and the therapist, social distancing and enhanced hygiene regimes will be implemented to ensure the highest possible standard of care for all. Please advise us prior to your visit if you have any concerns.

What if I am not vaccinated or choose not to disclose my vaccine status and choose or am unable to wear a mask?

We would really appreciate knowing this prior to your appointment. We may ask you to sit or stand outside the clinic/gym until your appointment time if safe to do so. Your therapist will come and accompany you to your appointment.

Will I still be able to see a practitioner of my choice if I’m not vaccinated or choose not to disclose?

If a staff member chooses not to treat an unvaccinated client for any reason, this will be managed in advance with the admin team to ensure that PP&R can provide resources and maintain service, by communicating alternate strategies with you.

My child has an appointment, can I still attend?

Yes, there will be no restrictions for fully vaccinated carers who attend for appointments.

I am not vaccinated, can I still attend the appointment with my child?

There will be some restrictions for unvaccinated parents, carers and guardians accompanying a child or young person to healthcare facilities. These include:

  • Only one unvaccinated parent, carer or guardian can accompany a child or young person to an appointment.
  • An accompanying unvaccinated parent, carer or guardian must wear a single-use surgical face mask and will be required to limit their movements to areas where they can safely physically distance from others.

 I have other children that will be attending with me, can they come to the appointment?

There are no restrictions for unvaccinated siblings and other visitors under 16 years of age. However, due to WHS considerations, it is preferred they are left at home or with another carer.

My circumstances are not covered by this advice document. What should I do?

There may be situations that require special consideration which will be worked through on a case-by-case basis as required. Providing us with advance information to resolve any concerns will reduce stress for all concerned and enable PP&R to provide the best possible service and care for you.

What cleaning regime do you have in place?

All equipment is cleaned between patients and there is a twice-daily clean of all frequently touched surfaces such as light switches and door handles. Hand sanitiser is available for use before and after your appointment. Your therapist will wash their hands between each patient.

Are you able to visit me in a private residence?

Requests for home visits will not be authorised. This may be subject to review and on an individual risk assessment basis, providing hygiene benchmarks can be achieved and verified prior to PP&R staff attending off-site locations.

Can I still have my treatment in a swimming pool?

The use of public facilities to provide physio and rehabilitation services, such as public swimming pools will continue, subject to facility managers and local / state government requirements for attendees to provide vaccination evidence. This is out of the control of PP&R and may result in the inability to provide services.

I usually have my session in a park or the beach, will my vaccination status change this?

No. appointments in public spaces such as parks and beaches will be subject to government standard infection control protocols and social distance practices as required at the time of the appointment.